PowerBI Dashboard

Amazon Prime Content Analysis Report

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of TV shows and movies available on Amazon Prime, drawing from a dataset collected from Kaggle. The data spans from 1920 to 2021.

Content Overview:

  • Total Titles Available: 9,655
  • Total Number of Ratings: 25
  • Total Number of Genres: 519
  • Total Number of Directors: 5,771

Ratings Distribution:

The ratings breakdown for shows indicates a predominant preference for content rated for viewers 13 years and older, with the following counts:

  • 13+: Approximately 2,100 shows
  • 16+: 1,500 shows
  • ALL Ages: 1,300 shows
  • 18+: 1,200 shows
  • R Rated: 1,000 shows
  • PG-13: 400 shows

Genre Popularity:

The genres are ranked by the number of shows, showcasing a clear inclination towards Drama:

  • Drama: 986 shows
  • Comedy: 536 shows
  • Drama, Suspense: 399 shows
  • Comedy, Drama: 377 shows
  • Animation, Kids: 356 shows
  • Documentary: 350 shows

Geographic Distribution of Shows:

The geographic distribution highlights the global reach of Amazon Prime, with a significant concentration of shows originating from North America and Europe.

Content Type Breakdown:

  • Movies: 7,811 (80.82% of total content)
  • TV Shows: 1,835 (19.18% of total content)

Release Year Trend:

The trend for the release year of movies and TV shows exhibits a steep increase in the number of titles, particularly after the year 2000, signaling a substantial growth in the production and availability of content in recent years.


Outcomes and Benefits of the Dashboard Analysis

The PowerBI dashboard offers a dynamic and detailed visualization of Amazon Prime’s content library, and the analysis of this data provides several beneficial outcomes for different stakeholders:

For Content Strategists:

  • Target Audience Identification: The rating distribution allows strategists to identify the most served and under-served audience segments, which can guide future content acquisitions and productions.
  • Genre Expansion Opportunities: Insight into popular genres and potential gaps can inform decisions to diversify content offerings or double down on successful themes.

For Marketing Teams:

  • Tailored Campaigns: Knowledge of the most popular genres and content types enables marketing teams to create targeted advertising campaigns, enhancing customer engagement.
  • Global Reach Enhancement: The geographic distribution of shows provides a clear picture of market penetration, which can be used to tailor marketing strategies to different regions.

For Production Partners and Filmmakers:

  • Strategic Collaborations: Understanding the breadth of directors and content types on the platform can aid in forming strategic partnerships and collaborations.
  • Content Trend Analysis: The release year trends can help production partners to align their offerings with the evolving preferences of Amazon Prime viewers.

For Platform Users and Subscribers:

  • Improved Discovery: The breakdown of content by genre and ratings can enhance the content discovery process for users, leading to a more personalized viewing experience.
  • Content Diversity Awareness: Subscribers can appreciate the diversity and volume of content available to them, which can improve user satisfaction and retention.

For Amazon Prime Management:

  • Content Portfolio Management: The dashboard provides a macro view of the content portfolio, helping management to assess the performance and strategy alignment.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: The visualized data trends support evidence-based decision-making for content licensing, creation, and platform improvement initiatives.

Overall Benefits:

  • Efficiency: The consolidation of complex datasets into an accessible format via the dashboard promotes efficient analysis and reporting.
  • Engagement: With clear visuals, stakeholders can more easily engage with the data and draw meaningful conclusions.
  • Strategic Planning: The insights gained from the dashboard can inform both short-term tactical adjustments and long-term strategic planning for content on Amazon Prime.

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