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SQL Projects

1. SQL Data Cleaning Project using Housing Dataset (Please click to read)

2.SQL Data Exploration Project  (Please click to read)

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In this section, you’ll find my latest research projects that are still in development. These papers demonstrate my skills in data collection, cleaning, processing, analysis, visualization, and presentation across R, STATA, Python, and SAS. They reflect my dedication to meticulous analysis and a focus on clear, accessible data communication.  (Please click to read)

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This section has my ongoing PowerBI and Excel based initiatives, highlighting innovative solutions and data-driven analyses in progress. These projects illustrate practical applications of Excel in solving real-world problems, inviting collaboration and input from the community.  (Please click to read)

Code Snippets and Scripts in Python, R, and SAS

Explore my collection of Python, R, and SAS code snippets and scripts. Practical, concise, and ready for real-world applications.